Open letter to the Public University of Navarra in Spain
Dear Mr. Rector:

Likud Serbia is obliged to protest about the event being «celebrated» at the University you are running.

As we have known through the media, from today, September 9, until October 7, the Public University of Navarra, is teaching a course of political propaganda.

Through the information published by various means, we have known that the course organizes it with the radical association Sodepaz, linked to the pro-etharra organization Herri Batasuna and the FPLP (Front for the Liberation of Palestine).

The «Apartheid in Palestine and the Criminalization of Solidarity» course is anti-Semitic in nature and is a clear incitement to terror and violence towards the Jewish population.

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It is not acceptable for an academic institution to be involved in any kind of political campaign. The University must be politically neutral and support and welcome all students, without distinction, without discrimination on issues such as their national origin, religion, or ideology, or other personal circumstance.
Likud Serbia urges the Public University of Navarra to cancel the course immediately. If the University of which you are Rector does not suspend the course, you will have to take responsibility for what is taught in it or what is done apology… You, as Rector of the Public University of Navarra will be primarily responsible for anti-Semitic propaganda, whose sole and final objective is to promote violence, criminalization and demonization of the Jewish people.

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Unless, the Public University of Navarra is in support of resurrecting the Court of the Holy Office of the Inquisition in Spain, responsible for the persecution and death of many people, in present-day Spain, that of the 21st century public institutions, and universities such as the one you run, in particular, must be politically neutral, and the last thing they must do is promote ignorance , incite fear, push hatred and promote violence, against any kind of person, ethnicity, nation…

Mr. Rector:

You suspend the anti-Semitic course!
Be neutral.
Kind regards:
Dr. Jelena Pereira
Director of Likud Serbia

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