Vasco Fernando Ferreira Rato: the Venezuelan-linked guy behind portuguese newspaper O NOVO (The New)

Vitoria Lao

Vasco Fernando Ferreira Rato is a portuguese International Relations and Military Studies
professor at Lusofona University. He has a plan to set a lab of political studies at Lusofona
University with financial support of iranian and turkish capital.
Vasco F. Rato is former Portuguese-American Endowment Foundation, using his connection
with the US to bolster his personal status in Portugal and countries connected with Portugal
(especially in Africa and South America).
Vasco Rato is one of the agents of connecction between PSD and PS, the main right and left
parties in PT.
Vasco Rato was protected by former socialist Prime-Minister, Jose Socrates Pinto de Sousa.
Rato helped Socrates using a media company called ONGOING linked to former portuguese
banker Ricardo Salgado.

Mensagem do Presidente da FLAD, Prof. Dr. Vasco Rato – A FLAD e a PAPS –  PAPS · Portuguese American Postgraduate Society

Vasco Rato was designated as ONGOING main head in Brazil, he did forge a very good
relationship with former brazilian president, Hugo Chavez and then President Nicolas Maduro.
Vasco Rato was awarded an official medal by venezuelan regime for the services Rato has
done for the regime in Europe and Brazil.
Vasco Rato and Jose Socrates were united by their businesses in Venezuela, Vasco Rato worked
with people connected with Jose Socrates’ cabinet and Mario Lino (both under investigation for
their allegedly corrupt acts now).
Vasco Rato is still very close to Angelo Correa, despite the fact that publicly they appear to be
in opposite sides. Rato is looking for a reabilitation of his relationship with Pedro Passos
Coelho, former portuguese PM (he felt betrayal for being replaced by Miguel Relvas, as main
Pedro Coelho’s key advisor).

Vasco Rato na presidência da FLAD

Vasco F.Rato wants to restore his special relationship with Pedro Passos Coelho and
negotiate with him positions of power if he comes back to portuguese power. Vasco F.
Rato is financially broken.
Vasco Rato is using Miguel Pinto Luz , Deputy Mayor of Cascaes (city in Greater Lisbon) to
get more power of decision in case Pedro Coelho gets back to power in Portugal soon.

O NOVO newspaper, a paper founded with VENEZUELAN and LIBYAN capital.

Vasco Rato created a new newspaper called O NOVO (The New) with capital from Venezuela
and Libya. Rato asked for his political mentor Luis Marques Mendes and his law firm Abreu

Lawyers’ help. Rui Teixeira Santos (also working in Abreu Lawyers) and Joao Botelho (who
owns a legal publishing house , NOVA CAUSA/NEW CAUSE, to cover some Luois Marques
Mendes’ businesses) are Vasco Rato ‘s straw men.

The operations to create this newspaper were coordinated by VINCIAMO, Lda,lobby company
owned by Paulo Sacadura Cabral Portas .
Paulo Sacadura Cabral Portas has made a strategic alliance with Vasco Rato blessed by Antonio
Costa (portuguese PM), the group linked to Jose Socrates Pinto de Sousa and Venezuela’s
Ambassador Lucas Romero.

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