Trump, the President of Peace: a very historic Shalom Agreement between Israel and Morocco is coming

US President Donald Trump stands on stage after his address to the Israeli American Council National Summit 2019 at the Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood, Florida on December 7, 2019. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP) (Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)

It is coming another great achievement of the Trump administration: Kosovo – a country with a Muslim majority – will recognize the State of Israel, fixating its Embassy in Jerusalem and recognizing Serbia, which represents an undeniable crucial step towards the stabilization of the Balkans.

Additionally, Serbia – another magnificent country – will transfer its Embassy to Israel’s eternal and undeniable capital, Jerusalem.

Serbia therefore gives na extraordinary lesson to other European countries, applying an elementary principle of international law: Embassies must be located in the capital of each country, as defined sovereignly by the host state. In the case of Israel, there is no legitimate doubt that its capital is Jerusalem.

This great move by Serbian Government was only possible due to the tireless and persisting effort by LIKUD Serbia, which has never given up showing the light of Reason to the Serbian Government led by Prime Minister Ana Brnabić. And, of course, to the remarkable support of President Trump and his master skills in negotiation and diplomacy.

How extraordinary it is that the media – almost four years later – still exhaustively reiterates the mantras with which they try hard to delegitimize the elected President of the USA and the Free World: President Trump is an anti-diplomatic politician, who does not care about conventions or councils of “experts”, they say.

The truth is that the so called by the FAKE NEWS media “anti-diplomatic President” has already achieved extraordinary diplomatic victories in his first term, considered as “impossible” or “improbable” until very recently. And that the democrats said it was not even worth the shot – the most valuable thing regarding foreign affairs would be just…keep everything unchanged!

It is very interesting to note that the President who – according to FAKE NEWS media and some political “geniuses” –  does not know how to be diplomatic -, has  made diplomacy GREAT AGAIN as na effective mean of achieving peace between the Nations and obtaining satisfactory results for all the parties involved.

President Trump has replaced the diplomacy of resignation for the diplomacy of determination.

 President Trump has replaced the diplomacy of retaliation for the diplomacy of negotiation.

The move of the Serbian Embassy to Jerusalem and the trade and diplomatic achievements with Kosovo – making this country another partner and friend of the great and unrivaled Israeli nation – are the most recent examples of “impossibilities” (according to the “geniuses” of politics, which the media so idolize) made “possible” by the President who “defies the rules of democracy” (this joke is always funny…).

And the Trump Administration does not stop here, when it comes to the achievement of diplomatic miracles.Much more still to come.

 The next great achievement towards a more secure world that President Trump will give the world is another Peace Agreement. This time, between Israel and Morocco.

 In order to do so, President Trump will have the support of King Emeritus Juan Carlos who is interceding with the King of Morocco to resume friendly diplomatic relations between his Kingdom and Israel.

Remember that King Juan Carlos normalized relations between Spain and the Kingdom of Morocco, namely, regarding the delicate question of Western Sahara (transferring it to the Moroccan domain).

King Emeritus Juan Carlos is highly respected by the Moroccan Royal House, and today he still has a considerable influence on King Mohammed VI. President Trump also places Morocco as a priority in US foreign policy (GREAT AGAIN foreign policy).

This is because Morocco will be a decisive geopolitical reference to contain the imperialist temptations  of the Chinese Communist Party.

In order to pursue this goal, President Trump intends to establish a U.S. Military Base – with substantial means, in what will become one of the greatest strategic geopolitical and US military assets – in Western Sahara.

It will be a  remarkable victory for the United States and the Free World – and a heavy defeat for the Chinese Communist-Imperialists. In fact, the Chinese Communist Party is trying – even with the help of Portuguese lobbyists – for Morocco to deny the US presence in its territory and to consent to the construction of a Chinese “mini-colony” in Western Sahara.

The Chinese communist-imperialists intend, in this way, to dominate this strategic area for the implementation of their project “One Belt, One Road”, as well as to explore, exclusively, gold and other precious goods of this area of ​​the globe. 

Note that communist-imperialist China sees Africa as a mere extension of its territory, subject to its (indisputable) sovereignty – “Africa is ours”, President Xi and his comrades would shout out loud.

Once again, the geopolitical importance of the work that King Emeritus, with the strong and clever support of President Trump, is doing is clearly demonstrated: the establishment of one of the most relevant US Military Bases in Western Sahara will be a heavy defeat inflicted on communist-imperialist China. 

It is not surprising, therefore, that our previous text generated such epidermal reactions: the Portuguese lobbyists at the service of Communist-imperialist China are desperate … The deal in Morocco with the Chinese would have been very profitable, indeed…

 On the other hand, the USA, by establishing a Military Base in Western Sahara, intends to increase the security of international trade: the American military presence in this area of ​​the globe will allow a more effective and ready defense of Merchant ships in the Mediterranean, especially oil tankers. This is also a powerful signal against Iran.

Strictly speaking, since President Trump’s first day at the White House, the United States has placed Africa – and Morocco in particular – as one of its priorities in the USA international » America First grand strategy».

«America First» was never «America only» – and the World can only gain from the success of the «America First» policy.

 It should be noted here that, in 2018, the then acting Secretary of State, John Sullivan, supported Morocco’s plan for Western Sahara – and, last year, Secretary Mike Pompeo traveled to Morocco several times to reaffirm the United States’ commitment to strengthen ties with this Kingdom and with the African continent.

Last week, another step was taken: the USA and the Kingdom of Morocco signed the Enhanced Immunities Agreement, which represents a historic milestone – it is the first agreement of this kind signed by the USA with a African nation.

This historic Agreement is the antechamber of another that will follow: the long-awaited Shalom Agreement between Israel and Morocco. This Agreement will become a reality in the next months – we think it will be one of the first achievements (if not the first) of President Trump’s second term.

The re-election of President Trump will therefore mean a safer world with more peace – and, given the fantastic results of the American economy under President Trump’s leadership, even in times of pandemic, it will mean a more prosperous world as well.

The United States will only move forward with strengthening relations with the Kingdom of Morocco if the Kingdom of Morocco first recognizes and establishes a Shalom Agreement with Israel. 

Is there a better friend for Israel and Peace than President Trump? The answer is pretty plain to see: no, there is not!

A final note to praise the brilliant way that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has to play in international political chess – always with intelligence and prudence.Always to win – the USA and Israel are not tired of winning, President Trump and Prime-Minister Netanyahu!  

Israel is getting stronger and stronger.

 Israel is increasingly a state with undeniable international influence, and not only universal recognition.

It is a joy to see the desire, almost positive anxiety, that the UAE political leader has to visit Israel.

Not to mention the fantastic work of Yossi Cohen, the leader of Israeli intelligence (the so-called Mossad, who seems to raise so much fear in Portugal, even among the most unpredictable people …).

The Peace Agreements do not ignore, nor neglect, the fundamental aspect of security and the fight against terrorism, which must be a priority for everyone. With absolutely no exception.

Mossad, under the leadership of Yossi Cohen, is essentially a peace agency, an agency which is working for Shalom . Not to kill, as some (very entertaining) Hollywood movies would depict it – but, rather, to safe lives ans protect people. Yossi Cohen, in the shade and without being a politician, is another great statesman of our time. 

Yossi Cohen is a name to be taken very seriously for the future – he will be whatever he wants to…

President Trump is Israel’s best friend! Recall the speech President Trump delivered at AIPAC, last December, in the Great State of Florida!

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