Threats to US and NATO’s Security: Almeida Ribeiro, Sandra Carvalho, Portas, Gomes, Jovem Conservador de Dereta

Portugal has become (not so recently) Cuban Intel services’playground in Europe
Portugal is a base for Cuban Intel services for all ops in Europe and Africa
Cuban intel services stationed in Lisbon supports key ops in Spain – namely: money laundering to fund spanish political parties (including PODEMOS)
Cuban funded portuguese social media pages and “politcal activism” in social media – from far-left to right-wing groups tied to CDS/PP or (at these days) Iniciative Liberal
Lawyers Carmo Afonso/Francesco Teixeira da Mota are Cubans assets in city of Lisbon
Lawyer Carmo Afonso worked for portuguese famous night club FRAGIL where most of the portuguese elite met in the 80ths/90ths
Lawyer Carmo Afonso works for LUX night club in Lisbon , inviting most of the portuguese politicians and media

Photo:Carmo Afonso, Cuban asset in Lisbon , who has celebrated the Taliban government on Twitter (interviewd by far-left pro-Cuba/Venezuela/Iran paper PUBLICO)

LUX and FRAGIL (night clubs) were suspected of drug trafficking by various intel agencies and law enforcement agencies

Paulo Sacadura Cabral Portas was a FRAGIL’s regular guest with his boyfriends

Paulo Sacadura Cabral Portas , a guest of FRAGIL – he has a boyfriend from Havana, Cuba at the moment
His love/homosexual affair in Cuba made Paulo Sacadura Cabral Portas leading portuguese trade delegations to Cuba and support campaigns for the lifting of the embargo against communist Cuba

Cuban intel agency has adopted in Portugal the same MO followed, for instance, in Spain
One page backed by Cuban Intel is JOVEM CONSERVADOR DEREITA:

Antonio Costa, portuguese PM, with Cuban asset , Carmo Afonso. Portugal, under Antonio Costa’s leadership, has been a vocal supporter for Cuban and Chinese regime’s interests in Europe

The open info is that JOVEM CONSERVADOR DERETA is made by three young men – Bruno Henriques, Sergio Duarte and FREDERICO MUÑOZ DE O. DA SILVEIRA SARAGOÇA

Bruno Henriques, JOVEM CONSERVADOR DERETA (Ovar, Oporto):

The reality is that the group is wider, counting with the support of intel officers

Cuban intel services hired a portuguese intel private company with strong connections with portuguese top politicians

All the prep and collecting of information are made by intel company backed by Cuban

The cousin of the current Cuban Ambassador to Lisbon, Mercedes Martinez, supports JOVEM CONSERVADOR DERETA

The cousin of Cuban Ambassador to Lisbon, Mercedes Martinez, is very close to Paulo Sacadura Cabral Portas’sister, Catarina Portas

FREDERICO MUÑOZ DE O. DA SILVEIRA SARAGOÇA is the element of connection with Cuban agencies and portuguese far-left political parties

FREDERICO MUÑOZ DE O. DA SILVEIRA SARAGOÇA is also the guy who coordinates political action with spanish far-left groups, like PODEMOS and Nationalist Party from Galiza

FREDERICO MUÑOZ DE O. DA SILVEIRA SARAGOÇA is a portuguese lawyer – job which gives him the necessary apparatus to legally armour JOVEM CONSERVADOR DERETA

JOVEM CONSERVADOR DERETA uses some classic intel strategies to express messages and spread desinformation to armour them from legal prosecution

JOVEM CONSERVADOR DERETA follows the same strategy as PODEMOS activists in Spain

Sergio Duarte, Jovem Conservador Dereta:

FREDERICO MUÑOZ DE O. DA SILVEIRA SARAGOÇA gives support to far-left nationalist groups from Galicia and Catalonia
FREDERICO MUÑOZ DE O. DA SILVEIRA SARAGOÇA works in ASF, portuguese insurance market and funds regulator

FREDERICO MUÑOZ DE O. DA SILVEIRA SARAGOÇA, Cuban asset in Lisbon, very close to spanish far-left groups, including PODEMOS :

FREDERICO MUÑOZ DE O. DA SILVEIRA SARAGOÇA’s connections in Spain are suspects of drug trafficking by DEA
All of the three follow a strict communications security protocol (following intel instructions for sure)
FREDERICO MUÑOZ DE O. DA SILVEIRA SARAGOÇA is suported by Sandra Carvalho, using the Twiiter profile:

Sandra Carvalho, from french company THALES, is a CCP-Iran-Cuba’s asset in Portugal. She has privileged access to portuguese intel agency SIS. An US and NATO National Security Threat :

Sandra Carvalho works for the french company THALES and lives in Paris
THALES is one of the iranian interests main promoters in Europe
Sandra Carvalho is very influential in portuguese domestic intel services (SIS) due to her proximity to both Jose Almeida Ribeiro (former SIS director but still the man of the house) and Jorge Silva Carvalho (former SIED director)
Sandra Carvalho likewise Jose Almeida Ribeiro is close to portuguese politician Iran-BDS’s asset Ana Gomes
Sandra Carvalho (working for THALES) has been advocating for CCP controlled company Huawei in Portugal, pressuring top decision makers to decide in favor of Huawei and getting privilege information from SIS
THALES has special interest in advising Chinese interests in portuguese Port of Sines and its infrastructures
HUAWEI’s open door to portuguese intel(SIS) is an USA and NATO national security threat

Jose Almeida Ribeiro, former portuguese domestic intel services (SIS) director, He’s still on control of SIS. Almeida Ribeiro was investigated by CIA in the past for leaking to Russia – now he represents Chinese interests  . Ribeiro Almeida controls portuguese political parties from far-left to CDS/PP
Almeida Ribeiro, through a portuguese professor Vasco Fernando Ferreira Rato, has pressured Pedro Passos Coleho (former PSD leader, center-right party) to nominate his young son (Goncalo Almeida Ribeiro) as Judge of the portuguese Constitutional Court (equivalent to SCOTUS)

Sandra Carvalho/Jose Almeida Ribeiro use this comedians and political activists to their own interests

Bruno Henriques is from Ovar, Avero, north of Portugal, married, two kids

Sergio Duarte is also from Ovar, lives in Oporto, north of Portugal, single

 FREDERICO MUÑOZ DE O. DA SILVEIRA SARAGOÇA lives in Lisbon, married, two kids

FREDERICO MUÑOZ DE O. DA SILVEIRA SARAGOÇA is friend to Marisa Matias, the portuguese far-left MEP , former Pablo Iglesias’ love crush

Quién es la nueva novia de Pablo Iglesias? - Chic

Marisa Matias, invited by FREDERICO MUÑOZ DE O. DA SILVEIRA SARAGOÇA, made the introduction of JOVEM CONSERVADOR DERETA’s book

Sandra Carvalho works in the shadows for new portuguese digital media 74, funded by Carmo Afonso and Ana Gomes (Cuba-Iran-China-BDS):

Bruno Henriques, Sergio Duarte wrote an essay on 74:, which shows the link among all the above mentioned people

These people are united by the same center of interests: China, Iran, Cuba/Venezuela, BDS

Comedians, newspapers, books are the perfect way to money laundering and try to get political power on the process

JOVEM CONSERVADOR DERETA has activated a VPN located in Spain

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