The Art of the Deal: Trump’s niece proves that U.S. President only tells the truth

Forget about the books of deep and careful analysis on the political phenomenon of Donald Trump.

About the causes of Trump’s victory and about the social context that underlies it. About the imperative needed to revitalize Politics – its practices, its purposes and even its doctrines-, of greater scrutiny over the political class and to redirect the top purposes of political action to promote people’s quality of life. It is necessary to emphasize, once again, the demos in the cracia – to give back the power to the people.

Seemingly, none of this matters – what really matters, are the intrigues, past and present, inside the Trump family. What stands out as a structuring material for democracy is the content of the conversations held at dinner by Donald Trump with his parents, his brother-in-law, his daughters, his cousins… This is the motto of the book that has generated a success to the likes of which  neither his own publisher predicted: we are talking about the book by Mary L. Trump, niece of President Donald Trump.

Is there any justification for the hysteria surrounding the book? Is there any new data that could explain the anxiety and the wide media attention that “Too Much and Never Enough” (title of the book in question) received? The answers are clearly negative. The truth is that this book is small in terms of pages – and limited in terms of news.

We can, with propriety, assert that it is void of any releant new materials. The information revealed by Mary Trump is merely circumstantial, in the form of an account of episodes in family life: statements at dinner time; the “Thanksgiving” menu, the way Donald Trump prepared his birthday party; the relationship between Fred Trump and his children. Nothing that has really any political or social interest, not even for the construction / analysis of Donald Trump’s personality.

Nevertheless, the so-called “mainstream media” understood that Mary Trump’s gossip book justifies dozens of pages, hours of television interviews and even political comments (!) about this book.

Do the Trump family’s conflicts over a succession process also call into question American democracy for the geniuses of the political commentary of “CNN” or “The Washington Post”? Does the afternoon spent by Mary L. Trump at the Mar – a-Lago pool, in a bikini (described by her in the book), tell us something about how Trump can relate to US Congressmen?

Or how to stop the rise of barbaric imperialism from the Chinese Communist Party? Perhaps the unspeakable Don Lemon has the answer to this very complex democratic dilemma raised by the memories of President Trump’s niece

These political geniuses have also pointed out that the niece’s book greatly annoyed President Donald Trump. The President would have been embarrassed by the dishonor caused to you and your family. The truth is just the opposite: Donald Trump is very proud of his niece’s “gossip literature” work. Why?

Because the book has the advantage of proving that your niece has read and learned the lessons that Donald Trump himself formulates on his book «The Art of the Deal».

Early on, Mary L. Trump learned one of the rules of the art of the deal and her uncle’s success: that of using hyperbole as an instrument of persuasion and getting leverage.

It is commonly called “positive hyperbole”. Everything is explained in “The Art of the Deal” – well, President Trump’s niece, Mary L. Trump, used the negotiation strategy that her uncle had taught her to sign a very financially advantageous contract with “Simon & Schuster” and to sell books.

And Donald Trump’s teaching is so correct, so true, that it is working to enrich his niece: the book sold very well, fattening Mary L. Trump’s bank account. Congratulations!

As we can see, “positive hyperbole” was used in the subtitle of the book: “How my family created the world’s most dangerous man”. “The world’s most dangerous man”, the most dangerous man in the world !!!

Does Mary L. Trump know the Iranian Ayattolahs?

Has Mary L. Trump ever heard of Xi Jinping, the leader of Communist-imperialist China and its oppressive regime?

Has Mary L. Trump ever heard of the criminal Nicolás Maduro and his drug trafficking regime, which condemns its people to misery?

Has Mary L. Trump ever heard of Hezbollah? Or the drug cartel leaders who illegally enter the southern US border?

Anyway … we think Mary L. Trump is a highly qualified person, with a brilliant academic background – and who knows everything (and everyone) what we have just remembered. Hence, there is only one logical conclusion: that Mary L. Trump wanted to honor her uncle, showing that her “The Art of the Deal” is very effective and really leads to success.

The book thus suffers from a logical contradiction: on the one hand, it points out that Donald Trump has a difficult relationship with the truth; on the other hand, it demonstrates that the rules of “The Art of the Deal”, as explained by Donald J. Trump, is very efficient to sell books and generate big contracts with publishers. 

Brilliant, dear Mary L. Trump – her business strategy was impeccable. Enjoy the money you’ve earned – you deserve it in full! And it is the most effective way to show how Donald Trump has a relationship to truth and true success.

Furthermore, and finally, it confirms something that we all already knew: the stupefaction of traditional media – with Western-type democracies under threat, with Judeo-Christian civilization being the object of daily, systematic and aggressive attacks, with inequality growing exponentially among us, the media amuse themselves with Trump’s family dinners and in-depth analysis of the Trump family’s inheritance sharing processes…

At least, with Mary L. Trump, we learned the art of selling books and the merits of the free market; with the media and journalists at the service of the “political swamp” we only learn not to want to be like them – subservient, alienated and mere ventriloquists of other people’s messages (and interests)…

João Lemos Esteves

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