Socialism sucks: Trump is the President of social justice…in liberty! (with video)

I I was given this information by a source very close to President Trump: on October, 1st  – the beginning of the financial year in the USA – there will a major announcement that confirms President Trump’s deep commitment to social justice and to raise the US economy to new heights.

President Trump, along with Ivanka Trump and his White House Counsel team (a kind of legal adviser to the US President), is working around the clock to get everything done on the first day of October.

This is absolutely remarkable: a President, campaigning across the country (after North Carolina, President Trump attended a campaign event in Michigan and Nevada, while Joe Biden remains in the basement of his home in Delaware, whose local police has already expressed their support for… President Trump!) is keeping on his statesman duties, pushing forward his policies on behalf of American people.

The fake news CNN – the «Channel of Notorious Nonsense», as I call it – decided … imagine … to report as their breaking news President Trump’s mini strokes! Trump had a series of strokes so he could not run for reelection! President Trump would give up his presidential re-election immediately …

So, as for “Channel of Notorious Nonsense” (aka, CNN), a President who travels from North Carolina to Washington (dealing with official affairs, after campaigning),  heading right after to Michigan and Nevada, is a sick person with a series of mini strokes; the other candidate – Joe Biden – who is hiding in the basement, who has not left his home for quite awhile , having stayed in his state, in the middle of an electoral campaign, is a person with an extraordinary health and with unlimited energy!

Having this said, the political-legislative initiatives that President Trump plans to present on October 1will include the suspension of college students’ debts related to loans contracted to finance their college studies – as well as a new amendment to the federal tax law (yet another “beautiful and sweet” Trump Tax Cut ”, using the expression of President Trump) that stimulates evem more the dynamism of the US economy.

On the table is also the possibility of a reduction in the tax on financial transactions in exchange for the debt pardoning of university students. Thsi will be a conditionality for the tax cuts benefiting the financial sector.

Thus, President Trump will solve a problem that has been on the agenda of all Presidents and that is systematically adopted as a political campaign flag for Democrats.

 Remember that Bernie Sanders used the argument of mutualization of the debts of university students – without ever putting forward a concrete proposal, let alone explaining how he would finance his proposal – to attract the votes of the younger sectors of the American population.

According to our sourc, President Trump has already persuaded the presidents of top American Universities – the so-called “Ivy League”, including Yale, Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania, of which President Trump and Ivanka Trump are alumni – to get on board.

It should be noted, however, that this does not  come outta of the blue nor  is this just an electoral petty maneuver: in fact, President Trump, in 2019, had already approved an executive order sets as na Administration top priority the easing of financial burdens imposed on university students, ordering Secretary of Education Betsy Devos to present a solution even to this delicate social problem; in the same year, President Trump ordered the cancellation of college students debts for veterans with total and permanent disability.

This year, following the pandemic, and in execution of the Presidential Proclamation that determined the national State of Emergency, President Trump ordered the deferment of payments due by college students to funding  their studies as well as the reduction of the interest rate for as low as 0%, at least, for 60 days – a period that was later extended by the “Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act”.

In view of the imminent expiration of this presidential legislative initiative, President Trump decided, on the 8th of August, through the “Memorandum on Continued Student Loan Payment Relief During the COVID-19 Pandemic”, the extension of the deferment of the payment of loan debts for college students to financial institutions until the economy stabilizes, schools reopen and social dynamics return to an acceptable normality.

Now, President Trump intends, in October, to announce the  prorrogation of student debt cancellation to millions of American citizens, making the exception applicable to veterans with disabilities the general rule, especially in this context of fighting against the Chinese Communist Party virus. And the process is practically completed, essentially lacking legal aspects.

President Trump is adopting the same negotiation strategy here that he had followed with regard to lowering the costs of drugs for American citizens: his advisers tried to dissuade the President by explaining that this would be a certain defeat – pharmaceutical companies have a powerful communication machine and high political weight in Washington DC.

President Trump – in tune with Peter Navarro and Alex Azar, Secretary of Health and Human Services  – used a weapon that everyone ignored: he invoked the principle of international economic law of the most favored nation to bring down the prices of drugs, making it more accessible to the American people.

A great victory for the less fortunate families and for the middle class.

The reasoning is as follows: if an American pharmaceutical company charges less in a foreign country – President Trump gave the example of Germany – then the United States should benefit from the most advantageous conditions, according principles of International Law, of the most favored nation, applicable there . American citizens cannot be treated in a more severe way than the German consumers … mainly by American companies.

The most-favored-nation principle turned out to be President Trump’s business trump (literally!) card to obtain «leverage», dominating negotiations with pharmaceutical companies, as President Trump explains in “The Art of the Deal”.

The same strategy was (is being) followed in the negotiations to soften the expenses of American families related to debts for financing college studies.

By doing this, President Trump is maximizing economic efficiency and promoting gains in collective well-being: as evidenced by the fast adjustment of pharmaceutical companies to the principle of the most favored nation, the surplus they obtained from American consumers were not optimal situations of economic efficiency; they were just captures of income (and, therefore, of well being of American citizens).

Finally, with this bold political-legislative decision, President Trump will – finally, after decades of “wait and see “ politics (and ultimately doing nothing politics) – answer to the desires of young people, which is even more relevant in the context of the fight against the repercussions (public health and economic consequences) ) of the Chinese Communist Party virus.

It will be very curious to see the reaction of the Democrats – do you want to bet that they will say that this will be an «inconsequential» measure and a «concession to the interests of the great financial powers»?

So predictable!

In fact, in addition to the political staging, Democrats will be embarrassed, deepening their structural problem: they have no political project, no useful political suggestio, other than spreading the chaos and violence in the streets all around American cities! Shameful!

The lamestream media lives by their own self-created narratives, not by facts. Unfortunately, lamestream media is now the enemy of a real democracy.

 The media does not provide information; the media only gives us counter-information.

As  Ivanka Trump brilliantly said  on the closing  day of the Republican Convention, President Trump is the “People’s President”.

One day – sooner than later – history will deliver justice to President Trump’s amazing work and legacy, as the most attacked political leader in centuries, who have won two presidential elections – and saved capitalism, which is to say, our Freedom (with equality). 

President Trump knows that capitalism with a feudal structure is socialism with another name.

President Trump knows that Capitalism means opportunities for ALL, not just for some privileged folks…


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