“Saving Spain”: President Trump is in tune with Spanish King Emeritus Juan Carlos. What’s next?(with video)

For starters, it is worth recalling that Spanish King Emeritus Juan Carlos I historically normalized and strengthened relations with the Kingdom of Morocco – and initiated a deep and loyal friendship with the USA.

Spanish King Emeritus – «exiled» in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) – is not on vacation, nor is he relaxing, forgetting the interests of the Kingdom whose interests he defended (and continues to passionately defend).

 In fact, I would like to reiterate something that should not be ignored: King Emeritus is not an exclusively Spanish issue, neither it is only relevant for the domestic politics of Spain. Rather, we are dealing with an issue that will have inescapable geopolitical repercussions: King Emeritusrealizes, like few politicians and statesmen of our time, the fundamental changes that are taking place at the same time worldwidely. Like President Trump doe so well.

For the current US Administration, the Iberian Peninsula is absolutely strategic: President Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, working closely with various government and security agencies, know that imperialist Communist China plays a strong bet in the political dominance of Portugal and Spain.

This dominance – some would say conquest –  that today is not made in military terms: conquest today means leverage over national politicians and decision makers, in the context of the full hybrid war that we are experiencing.

Let us recall the book that we have already mentioned several times and which is the script for imperialist Chinese-communist action: “unrestricted warfare”, a “war without limits”. War with preponderance of unconventional elements over conventional ones.

President Trump will not let the seizure of power by irresponsible fanatics, connected with Iranian terrorists, representatives of Maduro’s drug trafficking regime and some politicians crazy and dirty love for the money of the Chinese Communist Party, undermine strategic interests of the USA and the world free.

For this reason, the current US Administration is not resigned to what is happening in the “Red Peninsula”, especially (for now!) in Spain.

Those who fill pages and pages of newspapers about «strategic withdrawal» or «the abandonment of the world by the USA» are wrong – if only they knew the amount of information about Europe (Portugal and Spain included, according to my source R.T, American national security specialist, who has operated on the ground for years, in adverse scenarios) which is already at President Trump’s Resolute Desk …

I am in a poition to garante here that President Trump is very attentive to what happens in Spain, reaching out whenever justified to King Philip VI.

The US does not accept the infiltration of elements of Podemos with clear links to Iran and Maduro’s Venezuela, and who, in exchange for money, pass NATO’s classified information to Communist-Imperialist China, in Spanish Intelligence Services.

And President Trump was informed in advance about the King Emeritus move to the UAE: the choice of this country was not only (nor mainly) due to the privacy guaranteed there; geopolitical objectives were duly taken into account King Emeritus decision.

President Trump and King Emeritus, through intermediaries (two “Senior Officers”, already retired, from Mossad and two “Senior Officers”, also no longer in official office, from CIA, as well as other North Americans, who may or may not held official positions at the moment) have articulated positions.

The best interests of the Kingdom of Spain, Europe and the free world are President Trump and King Emeritus main priority : the illegal and corrupt business of Zapatero and Podemos will not go unpunished.

Remember that the Peace Agreement between Israel and the UAE was also only possible under the influence of King Emeritus, who kept President Trump always up to date with his intercessions near UAE authorities.

On the other hand, the US Administration has closely followed up, with decisive information from King Emeritus Juan Carlos I, the plan of Sánchez / Pablo (aka, Pablito Tontito) to harm relevant interests of Spain in Western Sahara in favor of Communist-Imperialist Chinese interests in Morocco.

That is why several military initiatives – including the deployment of military units – by the US Armed Forces have been carried out without providing prior information (not even authorization) to the Spanish Government.  Giving informations to Sánchez is the same as to disclosing everything to Chinese Communist Party or to other declared enemies of the USA. Do not forget that King Emeritus Juan Carlos I historically normalized and strengthened relations with the Kingdom of Morocco – and initiated a deep and loyal friendship with the USA.

Notice also that the USA has very relevant military bases and intelligence centers at the heart of Spanish territory. The period of great discretion King Emeritus Juan Carlos has been spending in the UAE has also served to intercede – through the best intelligence services in the world, who are “advising” King Emeritus – with the King of Morocco to accelerate the establishment of a US military Base in Western Sahara (to containg and fight back Chinse Communist exapansion) and … a very historical Peace Agreement (Shalom!) between Israel and Morocco.

Prime Minister Netanyahu is also following this process with prudence and intelligence.

One last note to praise the fantastic work that US Ambassador to Spain, Ambassador Duke Buchan III, has been doing – a diplomat without fear of defending his country, of fighting for the values ​​of freedom, of affirming decency over indecency.

Without playing with God and the devil at the very same time- on the contrary, always playing with God and fighting the Devil. Without ever letting political or personal affinities hinder the work one diplomat is suposed to do (defending his own country’s superior interests).

By the way, check out the video of President Trump speaking at the Whirpool Corporation Manufacturing Plant in Clyde, Ohio, look at the seventeen – SEVENTEEN! – boxes behind President Trump. There was a big discussion around the (so called) bizarre scene of the 17 washers big boxes display during President Trump’s speech…

What’s inside the box? Well… it’s gonna be so funny… Even for some who hire assholes here to leave subliminal threatening messages (on Wikipedia and elsewhere…).

Believe me: it’s gonna be f * cking funny! You can’t even imagine …

PS – By the time we finished this article, we received the information that the USA has already deployed military frigates to the Naval Base of Rota (southwest of Spain).

And the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) has quietly reinforced its presence. Another sign for those who thought they could humiliate the USA without consequences – as it turns out, the USA has never been more present in Europe.

President Trump is not – definitely! – Obama… Thank G’d!



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