President Trump will always stand with Israel; we will always stand with Israel

President Trump is the President of Peace. Never before an USA President was so active and consequential in defending Peace in the Middle East – and standing side by side with Israel. In the process, President Trump stood up to, without any hesitation, fight against anti-semitism. That is why so brilliantly, showing his unique talent for diplomatic negotiation, President Trump has done what pretty much all deemed impossible: to bring Israel and the Arab world together, forging new friendships and strict cooperation in a wide variety of importante fields. Mossad’s leader, Yossi Cohen, and Prime-Minister Benjamin Netanyahu were magnificent in working the field to, at the very same time, establish diplomatic ties between Israel and the Arab countries without undermining Israeli national security.

With President Trump, Israel knows that it has a true, loyal and unconditional ally and friend – unlikely what happened during President Obama’s years, when the US President was more concerned with who the Prime-Minister of Israel was than with Israeli security and Peace (quite tragically ironic that Obama won the Nobel Prize, isn’t it?.

The situation has changed with President Trump – and the next four years of President Trump’s second term will be even better for Israel. Even yesterday, Ambassador David Friedman and Prime-Minister Benjamin Netanyahu signed an agreement which sets a new high bar for the US/Israel bilateral relationship, promoting a joint scientific cooperation to be undertaken and applied in Judea and Samaria.

 This is a great lesson to the European Union bureaucrats and biased politicians who condemned Israel for having developed that area over the years – lesson that should be properly learned by the anti-semitic European Union’s structures.

Interestingly enough, the European Union’s leaders keep telling us fairy tales about how tolerant, inclusive and pro-human rights they are, while they insist on punishing Israel and disseminating anti-Zionism (a modality of anti-semitism speech) in European Union’s political apparatus.

President Trump will always stand with Israel. We will always stand with Israel. Thank G’d for the divinely real historic coincidence of President Trump and Prime-Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s leadership: the world is now much better.

 Barack Obama was thinking on his own interests and the interests of his donors/special interests when he signed the “Iran Deal” – President Trump and PM Netanyahu do not care about their own special interests; they just care about the Special Interests of the American and Israeli people. And, obviously, about world peace.

This is just the beginning. Total and lasting Shalom is coming to the Middle East – in the next President Trump’s four years, the process of Shalom will continue in a faster pace and will be irreversible. Once again, Israel is the land where all the miracles are possible  – with PM Netanyahu’s leadership, Israel is dreaming even higher and defying all barriers of possibilities. There are no impossible things or achievements in Israel.

Judea and Samaria – lands of Israel, historically and legally – will be another great example of the israeli unlimited creativity and ingenious spirit.

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