Portuguese Government and socialist diplomat Seixas da Costa are hostages of the Chinese Communist Party – and attack USA Ambassador George Glass

In this weekend’s edition, “Expresso” gave the opportunity to the US Ambassador in Lisbon, George Glass, to defend himself from the humiliation that this very paper  “Expresso” had inflicted on him about a month and a half ago.

 It should be remembered that“Expresso” had violated all the ethical rulesof journalism by accepting to publish as na impartial journalistic piece, a pure propaganda  piece and a typical counter-information strategy set up by the Chinese Embassy in Portugal.

The aforementioned newspaper – once a reference – had just reproduced the message that had been given to them by representatives of the Chinese Communist Party in Portugal. 

 We were informed, however, that on the day that Mr. George Glass arrived in Portugal, this USA Ambassador was advised by certain Portuguese authorities to maintain a discreet style, to follow the fundamental options of the Portuguese Government – and not to comment, under any circumstance,  any governmental decision.

 The truth is that the USA Ambassador (the GREAT AGAIN USA Ambassador, as I call him) George Glass, has been earning relevant victories for the USA (and for Portugal and the world), avoiding the spread of the Chinese communist Party domination among us – the failure of the Chinese Communist Party’s public takeover bid to EDP is a paradigmatic example.

However, the portuguese socialist Government, and its allies on the left and on the right, do not forgive this setback for their financial interests: many deals involving large sums of fresh Chinese money for our elites have been frustrated.

 Hence the counterintelligence operation set up by the Chinese Communist Party, with the active contribution of the Portuguese Government –  especially by the Minister  of Foreign Affairs Augusto Santos Silva.

 Augusto Santos Silva defends with more conviction and commitment the interests of Chinese communist-imperialists – than the interests of Portugal and the Portuguese. Santos Silva is more a elemento of Chinese Communist Party’s Central Commitee than Minister of Portugal.

Only in Portugal, with this Government captured by Chinese communist interests, is it possible for a Minister to accept being part of a propaganda and counter-information action orchestrated by the Chinese Embassy in Lisbon.

It should be borne in mind that António Costa and Augusto Santos Silva are the top mentors and protagonists of the most idiotic scene in Portuguese democracy: remember the parade of Ministers and Secretaries of State who went to the airport to receive … medical supplies from China? Donated, apparently, by companies linked to the Chinese Communist Party?

We must never forget this idiotic scene starring Minister Santos Silva and the Poortuguese Prime-Minister  António Costa: a full display of their complete subservience to the Chinese Communist Party.

 “Expresso” –  a portuguese total FAKE NEWS media – is nothing more than a lobbyst publication working on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party. This FAKE NEWS media has chosen, not by chance,  two analysts with famous links to China to comment on the USA  standing as if they were… impartial observers. 

The most paradigmatic case is Francisco Seixas da Costa, who (please, dear readers, restrain your laugh, please…) came to criticize Ambassador George Glass … for making «diplomatic bullying».

There is no point on commenting these ridiculous statement by Francisco Seixas da Costa- one must be patient to remember that Seixas de Costa is a man who lives in a tantrum today. 

He is mad at the USA, because President Trump stopped his luxurious life plans that he had as an EDP (the portuguese energy company owned by Chinese Communist Party owned corporation) administrator, when the USA vetoed the Chinese Communist Party’s takeover bid to that portuguese major energy company.

Seixas da Costa cannot, therefore, be taken seriously at least on this point: he has personal issues, of frustrated personal economic-financial life plans that led him to constantly  engrandize the Chinese Communist Party and, at the same time, to attack permanently the USA. This is  life and it is understandable – we have to take Seixas da Costa’s opinions – a real bullying to our intelligence! – as pure jokes, trying to have a little fun with them…

Have you noticed how curious it is that the  self-called defender of human rights, democracy and “diplomat anti-bullying” Mr. Seixas Costa has nothing to say about the communist imperialist regime, about the violation of human rights in China, about the repression of the chinese regime, about the grotesque violation of workers’ rights in China or about how China spread death and destruction around the world with this virus that we are facing today?

Of course, Francisco Seixas da Costa has nothing to say – because he knows that if he does, the Chinese Communist Party’s bullying on him will have gigantic proportions … Seixas da Costa knows that he cannot take that risk.

Moreover, it is no coincidence that this Government continues to hide the agreements they have signed with the Chinese Communist Party, in several critical fields.

Why does the Portuguese Government not want to reveal to the Portuguese people… its decisions? Why so much opacity, so much secrecy whenever the subject is the communist-imperialist China?

What is the Portuguese Socialist Government hiding?

Why are ministers – including Prime Minister Costa – so afraid of the Chinese Communist Party?

If we want to talk about diplomatic bullying, a mole was put at the Embassy of Portugal in Washington DC, who has informally passed, by third person, information on Portugal / US relations to Chinese Communist Party assets in Portugal (bboth public-diplomatic assets and formally private assets,  especially companies owned by the Chinese Communist Party).

 There are other Ministers of this Socialist Government, captured by the Chinese Communist Party, with very relevant interests in China – one of them, according to the particularly enlightened spirit, is Pedro Nuno Santos, who is in charge of transport and communications …

Do not think, however, that it is only the  socialist party that is captured by the Chinese imperialista communists – I am perplexed by the fact that the person who most influences Rui Rio, the opposition leader in matters of foreign policy, appears in the pose of James Bond with Ambassador George Glass, though i tis now tweeting that Portugal does not accept threats from the USA…

In the next cocktail at the residence of the US Ambassador that Tiago Moreira de Sá frequents, perhaps he can say this, personally and frontally, to the Ambassador George Glass…

Ah, by the way: Francisco Seixas da Costa – the most frustrated and ridiculous former portuguese diplomat – is a member of the Strategic Council of Mota-Engil – a big portuguese corporation which has just been acquired by CCCC, the dangerous Chinese Communist Party’s owned company (and which has been causing chaos in the South China Sea).

Given that the Chinese Communist Party is already in charge of Mota-Engil, we cannot fail to consider that perhaps Seixas da Costa suffered “business bullying” from the Chinese communist-imperialists to make this sad figure…

 “Expresso” is consistent in its lack of journalistic seriousness: it never disappoints from edition to edition.

 We commend the coherence of serving as a means of propaganda for the government – and of its interests in the defense of the Chinese barbaric communist-imperialist regime – and of proficiently profiting from the 15 million state companies and the money that Fosun (company of the Chinese Communist Party) put it in the newspaper …

The portuguese establishment politicians dream, the Chinese Communist Party wants it, petty businesses with the Chinese PC and Saturday’s edition of the “Express” are born!

Let  get decency back to Government – save Minsiter Silva and Seixas da Costa from the bullying they are suffering from the Chinese Communist Party!

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