Obama’s chaos is back? – Communist China Celebrates Kamala’s Potential Election as POTUS killing Spanish soldiers

After November 3rd – the Election Day – and in the face of the constitutionally void and irrelevant (at least, for now) self-proclaimed Biden’s victory, the world has once again become a fantastic place, led by top competent politicians, China has returned to show us a friendly face and social networks are no longer enemies: they are partners in the endeavour of adjusting the facts to the most convenient narrative of the interests that the mainstream media diligently serve.

After we have heard so much about the incredible and unsurmountable world problems over the last four years, we are just returning to the great final solution – technological censorship and oppression “cuban-chinese style”. As long as social networks violate fundamental rights to help dominant interests win elections, everything is fine. Our world led and governed in fact by social media, Big Tech, Big Businesses and Big Government has become, all of a sudden, a real Paradise on Earth – even the «fake news», after all, are positive realities now… Is not this incredible?

Now, the truth is that, contrary to what you are told, an eventual defeat of President Trump will not make the world better: it will, actually and on the contrary, make the world more insecure and chaotic. We already had an example last Friday: the Polisario Front, a terrorist organization that has known and proud links to radical Islamic terrorism, although they say they are fighting for the “noble cause” of liberation of the Sahara (which is a typical counterintelligence move: terrorists always like to put a bright light in utter darkness), led a murderous attack against Spanish military forces.

Israel and Morocco agree to 'full diplomatic relations', says Trump |  Financial Times
With President Trump in charge, terrorist do not fool around!

These attacks were directed against the military bases nº 4, 17, 18 and 23 of Spain, stationed in Morocco: it was an attack of rockets that, unfortunately, ended up killing dozens of Spanish soldiers (many of them young people, in the beginning of their promising life).

Now, this guerrilla offensive has three very relevant aspects, in addition to the human tragedy that we regret, from a geopolitical point of view.

First: the Polisario Front decided to act  during these days due to the momentary (real) uncertainty regarding the White House tenant over the next four years – and the media’s celebration of Joe Biden’s victory (fictitious, at least for now and perhaps definitive) and of his far-left running mate, Kamala Harris.

 This conclusion is doubtless if one considers the straight fact that during President Trump’s first term, the Polisario Front refrained from engaging in any relevant, deadly attack like the one which occurred on Friday, fearing the consequences of US military’ retaliation.

As we have already advanced in first hand, the USA, under President Trump’s leadership, considers Morocco to be a highly relevant geostrategic position, from a triple perspective: an economic perspective, a defense perspective, and from a perspective of advancing forward the alliance with European partners, particularly with Spain. It is President Trump’s intention to establish, in the first months of his second term, a military base near the Sahara, which will work in close articulation with Rota Military Base.

Having said this, with President Donald Trump’s re-election not yet certain, the Polisario Front terrorists thought this was the right time to viciously attack, leaving an unequivocal sign of how they plan to act in the near future without President Trump in the White House.

Second: Communist-Imperialist China has decided to coordinate with the Polisario Front to convey an implicit message that its behavior, military and geopolitically in the broad(est) sense, will change with a possible (not yet probable) Joe Biden / Kamala Harris’s Administration. It is no coincidence that the murderous attack against the Spanish military occured on the very same day that Communist-Imperialist China had sent a message of congratulations to the Democrats, following the lead of the European and anti-Americanist media in the USA (with CNN being the master of that FAKE NEWS domain ).

The Chinese elite always works through subliminal signals and messages: this was another example. First, message dedicated to Biden; authorization for the Polisario Front to attack western military forces (in this case, more specifically, spanish ones), then.

Let’s be straighforward here:it is the Communist China which is supporting, financially and now militarily (just check the rockets used in the attack, proving an upgrade of the Polisario Front military equipment, which will tend to get worse, with a Biden / Kamala presidency) Polisario Front. 

Why? Because China considers Morocco – and, in particular, the Sahara area – a strategic area for the implementation of its “One Road, One Belt” project. There are already numerous Chinese companies exploring the resources of that area of (so close to Europe) – and those that are interested (many led by the elite of the Chinese Communist Party) to move, quickly and in force, to the Sahara are even more significant . To achieve this goal,  Chinese Communist’s power apparatus must figure out a way to force USA “strategic withdrawal” from Sahara – Xi is confident that Joe Biden will do it, implemeting the so called “appeasement by engagement” theory.

It will be a monumental victory for Communist China and radical Islamic terrorism – and a defeat for the free world, even though Biden and European bureaucrats  have not even realized it  yet…

Third, radical Islamic terrorism is resurging in force. 

Terrorists breathe a sigh of relief, with the prospect that President Trump will not lead the free world for the next four years. It should be noted that under President Trump’s leadership, there has not been a single terrorist attack in the USA …

Biden has not even been elected yet and is already causing geopolitical disturbances here so close to Portugal: radical Islamic terrorism feels again some sort of… well … freedom of movements . They will, however, have an unpleasant surprise when they see who actually takes office on January 20, 2021, in Washington D.C.

 Let us wait – for the free world (of Trump) to prevail over the intolerant and chaos world (of the coalition of dark interests that govern Biden / Kamala).

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