Mariana Mortágua and Francisco Louçã (member of Portugal’s State Council, the de facto Bloco de Esquerda’s, far-left political party), are identified as two main leakers of NATO’s information to Alliance’s adversaries.


Francisco Louçã – member of Portugal’s State Council, the de facto Bloco de Esquerda’s(far-left political party) leader and political pundit in many media outlets in Portugal

Francisco Louçã has met Baltazar Garzon and argentina’s Cristina Kirchner in LATAM many times

After spanish journalist’s revelations – called Cristina Segui, supporter with privileged access to spanish Royal House – Francisco Louça met with Catarina Martins (Bloco de Esquerda’s actual leader) to discuss Bloco de Esquerda’s candidates to portuguese extraordinary elections next January  last Thursday (21/11/18)

Louçã is Mariana Mortágua’s mentor

Mariana Mortágua - Bertrand Livreiros - livraria Online

Mariana Mortágua and Catarina Martins have clashed with each other over Bloco de Esquerda’s strategy vis-a-vis Socialist Party

Francisco Louçã warned Catarina Martins that Mariana Mortágua would leave the party to join Socialist Party (PS) or LIVRE (another far-left political party)

Francisco Louçã imposed his will to Catarina Martins – Mariana Mortágua will be candidate for Lisbon

Mariana Mortágua had written her resignation letter before Francisco Louçã’s meeting with Catarina Martins

Mariana Mortágua has inside information from portuguese government – Minister Nuno dos Santos is her main source

Mariana Mortágua and Francisco Louçã are identified as two main leakers of NATO’s information to Alliance’s adversaries

Catarina Martins and Francisco Louçã arranged to put up crisis management strategy to preserve both Mariana Mortágua and Catarina Martins; happened over the weekend: Mortágua and Martins were announced as Bloco de Esquerda’s candidates to Lisbon and Oporto

Catarina Martins - Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia

Nuno dos Santos and Mariana Mortágua are close to Ana Gomes, former portuguese MEP – Socialist party

Ana Gomes has led a campaign against CIA and Israel

Jorge Silva Carvalho and his protégé Sandra Carvalho (@khlopomanstvo)  who is a key asset of portuguese and french Intel services  to monitor social media  ………. Give support to Ana Gomes/Francisco Louçã ‘s group

Quid pro quo – Silva Carvalho/Sandra Carvalho are mediating a deal between portuguese and french company TH.  to sell a communications system to portuguese SIS (homeland Intel)

Ana Gomes is a well known BDS’s asset

Ana Gomes – who Sandra Carvalho has worked for – is captured in the attached footage shouting at a portuguese politician because he denounced her ties to Iran

Ana Gomes orders this politician to “shut up; you don’t know any thing about Iran…” (footage captured off the record in a TV studio, Queluz Baixo, Lisbon, after debate by TVI’s sound operator).

Victoria Lao

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