Justice must be served against Maduro

Venezuela needs Iran’s support; Iran desperately needs Venezuela for geopolitical reasons.

One of the most famous «bad hombres» of socialist Venezuela, named Alex Saab, was detained in Cape Verde

Alex Saab, an ally of the illegitimate Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, is allegedly involved in various corruption affairs, including allegedly stealing from the very people of his country.

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Saab, born in Venezuela, with a passport from Antigua and Barbuda, has Lebanese ancestry.

At the request of the USA, INTERPOL issued a red alert to capture Saab, which actually happened in Cape Verde, last June.

Saab was allegedly involved in some gold transport operations from Venezuela to Turkey as payment for the Turkish supply of food under the socialist «gold for food» program.

It is estimated that the value obtained by Turkey from this program amounts to $900 million. Part of this amount may have been deposited in bank accounts in Istanbul.

It is not a coincidence that Alex Saab wanted to go to Iran to meet with top ayatollah regime officials. Venezuela needs desperately of Iran’s support; Iran desperately needs Venezuela for geopolitical reasons, including to have safe havens for their sponsored terrorist groups and to simply taunt the United States.

A great share of Hezbollah financing may actually be from bad hombres who are determined to destabilize Israel and western democracies in order to protect socialist-Maduro Venezuela and their illegal businesses.

There is a new «Axis of Evil» worldwide, which involves Maduro in Venezuela, Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey, and the ayatollahs in Iran. This is not the time to play their game or being trapped by these «bad hombres» tactics.

This is the time to fight back. Regarding Alex Saab, what is his next stop? Definitely, with the very competent cooperation by Cape Verde’s authorities, it will be the Federal Detention Center in Miami, already duly prepared for him


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