Ivanka Trump: the new (true) feminist dynamite of American Politics

Washington, D.C. (Official White House Photo by Stephanie Chasez)

Ivanka Trump, President Trump’s daughter and White House counselor, has proven to be a true political star on the rise. 

With her wonderful leadership virtues already demonstrated in her former life as a businesswoman, with an ambition as great as her tenacity and an overwhelming intelligence (abstract, as well as practical and intuitive), Ivanka has collected many compliments and flattering words from  the most diverse and pluralistic sources, from the most conservative businessman to the most progressive scholar; from the most skeptical about governmental action economist to the most hardworking profisisonal victimised by the desindustrialisation that affected some inner cities in the heart of America.

From the American business class to the heartland workers to career diplomats – everyone is unanimous in effusively highlighting Ivanka Trump’s work in advising the never tired of winning POTUS. The Democrats, in turn, realized the political potential of Ivanka –  so much so that they have already made her one of the main targets of their (unlimited and very annoying) fury, during President Trump ‘s first term years.

After all, Ivanka embodies the beauty of the American dream: although she benefits from the strength of her family name and the goodwill of the “Trump” brand  the daughter of the US President has not lost herself in puerile displays of her wealth, or spurious media madness; Instead, she studied at an Ivy League university (following the footsteps of her father), has resolutely decided  to learn from Donald Trump’s managerial experience and brilliant communicational skills, creating her own style and assuming herself as a competente and successfull businesswoman.

If Donald Trump was not the President of the United States nowadays (elected by the Republican Party), Ivanka would be widely praised for the magnificent work.  

Ivanka Trump realizes that the great leaders of political democratic societies can not properly lead without … humanity. She understood that the worries and deep down concerns of the employees (who ultimately are are all of business workforce) should be a public policy drafter top priority-  as she writes in her book «Women Who Work» published in May 2017 (already in office in the White House) which offers very interesting and wise guidelines that might be incorporated in na ambitious public policy that should be both family friendly and economically efficient.

Having this said, in what areas has the crucial and supportive influence of Ivanka Trump to President Trump’s agenda been particularly outstanding? In four key areas, namely:

1) In affirming the rights of women («girl empowerment») and the promotion of family values and importance to society balance , with Ivanka supporting in the White House the struggle for paid parental leave, with her strong defense for an entrepreneurial culture to reconcile personal and family life with professional obligations. Furthermore, Ivanka has represented these values (which also integrate the «American dream»)overseas, sponsoring several initiatives promoted by allies and international organizations;

2)Her commitment to the promise of making the American economy «the Greatest Again», working – along with President Trump himself, Steve Mnuchin, Peter Navarro and other members of the administration – to reduce the tax burden and public overintervention in the legal apparatus regarding  administrative regulation of the economy.

Ivanka has also fight for the deconstruction of the Administrative State, the “Leviathan” of regulatory rules set up by the “liberal-progressive”, anti free business democrats – which has been decisive to bring the greatest American ingenuity back! 

And this work has already produced some remarkable results: the «Tax Cut» and the «deregulation» program of the Trump administration led to the greatest economic growth Americans have known in the last (long) decades – and has prepared the American Economy to be resilient against the Chinese Communist Party’s virus tragedy;

3) Additionally, Ivanka was the inspiration – and more arduous promoter – of the «Pledge for American Workers» program, the commitment to American workers. It is a program aimed at supporting the re-qualification of workers with fewer qualifications, or qualifications that do not meet the actual needs of enterprises and corporatins, preparing them for the new economy paradigm – thus increasing their career advancement opportunities to return to the labor market. For her relevant and remarkable work, Ivanka Trump was presented with the Inaugural Alexander Hamilton award by the NMA (National Manufacturers Association) some days ago. Because, after all, the best social policy is pretty simple: there is nothing more effective to fight poverty and guarantee a true welfare than a big and fat paycheck.

 Commitment to American workers fundamentally benefits workers who have been excluded by the new economic paradigm that President Barack Obama has encouraged – a commitment to export services (not products), hoping that technology companies will leverage economic growth. More concretely,Ivanka and President Trump’s “Pledge for American Workers” is for pushing for the genuine realm of American workers of the rust belt, the midwest, cities that have lost their luster and hope in the American dream because of massive deindustrialization. 

4) Ivanka Trump, in announcing the Pledge for American Workers initiative, made a point of emphasizing that the commitment assumed at that time consisted only one more step, firm and secure, to make sure President Donald Trump keeps fulfiling his campaign promise – the forgotten men and women will be forgotten no longer!

5) Ivanka Trump has finally represented the USA with class, charm,  beauty and intelligence abroad, participating in global initiatives on the promotion of women’s rights and leading the White House project to fight against human trafficking. In her official foreign travels, the «First Daughter» has collected admiration, respect and prestige – worthy of a true stateswoman.

The new Department of Justice’s program to grant financial support, shelter and protection to the victims of human traficcking is another political program (in which Ivanka has put a lot of effort, thought and political energy) that shows the humanity and determination of the Trump Administration to promote human rights.  

The active role that Ivanka played in the moving of  US Embassy in Israel from the fictitious capital of Tel Aviv to the (real) capital of Jerusalem – is another prominent manifestation of Ivanka Trump’s dedication to promoting this elementary justice, which is the recognition of the unique role of Israeli democracy in the process of peace in the Middle East.

Israel is for the Trump administration – as for all true and real democrats – our main ally in the region. There can be no lasting peace as long as some of the Israeli neighbors – notably the “Hamas State”, supported by the pariah state of Iran – persist in calling for the total annihilation of the great State of Israel.

 Ivanka’s example is therefore the best tribute to feminism: to be feminist without giving your femininity away- to affirm each woman’s intelligence, her will to work, the ambition, without, however, falling into the error of mimicking men (curiously, it is the same radical left who claims to have the monopoly of women’s rights and being the holders of  ultra-feminist theories who insults Ivanka by invoking her beauty and mocks her intelligence…Ultra-feminist uses against Ivanka what the deniers of women’s rights would never dare to say about any woman…).

To conclude: Ivanka Trump, for what she has done in the last four years, is already the brand new dynamite in the White House and in American politics.

Joao Lemos Esteves


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