EXCLUSIVE: HIGH-ENERGY President Trump is in great shape – and protected from the real threat – the domestic terrorists ANTIFA and BLACK LIVES MATTER

We all wish President Trump – President of the great American nation and the Free World – a very quick recovery. President Trump’s election and presidency  were the most relevant and consequential political event  we have witnessed- for his tireless (and unbeatable) defense of patriotism and Americanism, against globalist forces (which include people both from the classically designated left and the classically designated right). Our prayers are with President Trump and the First Lady, Melania Trump (as well as with President’s assistant and his most trusted staff person, Hope Hicks).

We obtained – a source from Washington DC – the information that President Trump is recovering very well, keeping up his work at a normal pace – having even referred to one of his advisers that he was already feeling full of “high energy” , ready to leave the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center right away.

We also know  for a fact, and in first hand, that President Trump, with the favorable opinion of his medical team, will return to the White House in the coming days – it is estimated that by Thursday, President Trump will resume his work from the White House. The situation is, therefore, under control – and it is a (sad) sign of these times that the left-wing media has invented stories just to favor the (non-democratic) Democrats progressive- regressives. Just to give an example, think of the idea launched by CNN that President Trump would be considering resigning from the White House and drop the reelection run to settle himself in Florida, in Mar-a-Lago, which is just preposterous-  however, the truth is nobody cares about the nonsense of C (hannel of) N (otorious) N (onsense).

Trump's coronavirus errors have deep ideological roots - Vox
Trump, The American People’s President – not even the CCP virus keeps President Trump away from always embracing the USA challenges and interests

Over the past four years, the world has gained a resistance to CNN’s stupidity; they are the true home for the most blatant fake news and for the creation of conspiracy theories to cast doubt on the seriousness and character of President Trump – even during a moment in which the leader of the USA and the free world is fighting the Chinese Communist Party virus, the radical left has unleashed its “conspiracy theories-creator” nature; now, thjey are saying  that everything is just a campaign strategy set by the Republican Party.Here we go  again: the Left and its ridiculous conspiracy theories!

 Facts and the left (at least, the extreme left that dominates globally) are intrinsically incompatible; they just cannot be reconciled.

Having said that, the truth is President Trump is not just facing COVID-19 virus, aka,  Chinese Communist Party virus. There are other threats that the President has to pay particular attention to – because, in fact, they may potentially turn out to be more serious than the Chinese Communist Party virus itself. Let’s explain.

In the past few days (hours before the debate between President Trump and Joe Biden, aka Sleepy Joe), US intelligence services collected information about the preparation by domestic terrorist groups “ANTIFA” and “BLACK LIVES MATTER” of a set of violent actions in major American cities – including Washington DC.

According to information collected on the “dark web” and in messages via app chats , the security authorities – FBI, in articulation with the CIA (which is very meaningful for this purpose), with other internal security authorities – identified plenty evidence that showed clearly a violent terrorist action to take place last weekend, by surprise (which would be sold as “spontaneous”, as a result of the reaction of the “excluded crowds” out of indignation for the fakedly reported “non-condemnation of white supremacist discourse” by the current Administration ), next to the White House.

It would not be, however, any peaceful demonstration (or it would be only for Joe Biden and his supporters), nor just another violent protest: the plan that the protesters divulged on their social networks and on the “dark web” exposes in detail how they planned to invade White House, occupy “South Lawn” (because it would be easier to enter) and from there to move on to President Trump’s reserved areas, his family and team.

Yahoo slammed for shoddy story accusing RUSSIA for antifa.com prank of Joe  Biden
Joe Biden and domestic terrorists ANTIFA

This plan was inspired by Columbia Pictures movie “White House Down”, with several allusions to its characters and the film’s argument.

ANTIFA have long been proclaiming revenge against President Trump for his classification as a domestic terrorist organization – such threats intensified after the debate (meaning that they themselves perceived defeat …).  

It remains to be seen whether Joe Biden and his team were aware of these intentions to commit terrorist acts against the President of the USA: there are signs that are not exactly flattering to Biden and his team.

It should therefore not be a coincidence that Zara Rahim – a former Obama administration collaborator and a person very close to Hillary Clinton, as well as a confessed supporter of Joe Biden – wrote a tweet (not deleted) wishing President Trump’s death.

Who is Zara Rahim? Twitter Post About Trump, Nationality, Age, Instagram -  Is She Married?
Zara Rahim, a far-left beauty – Hillary Clinton and Obama’s aide who wished President Trump’s death

This tweet was coordinated with some members of the DNC (the leading structure of the Democratic Party) – and it only occurs because Zara Rahim feels that she is granted … shall we say … immunity by  some very well-known personalities of the so-called «establishment».

You can see the frustration of the political lobbyist, very close to Hillary Clinton: perhaps she was aware of the violent initiatives of the extreme left-wing terrorist groups planned for the present weekend.  

In this context, given the mild symptoms felt by President Trump, the President’s personal protection service, in close cooperation with the FBI and CIA, decided to move the President to the Military Hospital located in the state of Maryland (near the White House), increasing, thus, the security conditions of the President.

It is an usual procedure following a risk assessment made by the security and intelligence services: if there is a threat, with a serious and high risk, the option is to move the target to an especially safe venue with a surprise effect. President Trump is therefore exposing (not just recovering) his good health – and in maximum safety.

This decision was made on Friday, on the eve of the terrorist act that was being prepared by the “ANTIFAS” and “BLACK LIVES MATTER” – the fact that President Trump contracted the virus, with mild symptoms, broke the mobilization and the political strategy of  the criminals who are behind these terrorist groups.

Yesterday, a demobilization order was given, after Joe Biden’s message of national reconcliliation (let’s call, for now, this way), in execution of his political strategy of appearing now as the “man who unites” after having disunited.

 The initiatives of these two terrorist groups have been canceled in other US cities – including, and prominently, in Missouri – in order to avoid the climate of tension, division, destruction and chaos (which this radical left likes so much) that much harm the American people (created by this radical left who took over the non-democratic Democrat party).

President Trump – and his personal security and intelligence services – could have allowed such terrorist acts to continue, capitalizing politically on them; the American people would finally see the true nature of these democrats and their groups (as someone has called them, these “democrats gangs streets”).

Instead, President Trump kept his commitment intact: first, always defending the American people, even at the expense of their immediate electoral interests.

EXCLUSIVO: Presidente Trump está já com “HIGH ENERGY”; a verdadeira ameaça  chama-se “ANTIFA “ (plano terrorista para derrubar a White House estava  previsto para hoje) - Voz Ibérica
President Trump got back to his natural HIGH ENERGY mood – and ready to keep highly energizing America

In addition, we may  inform that, given the aforementioned security threat, members of the Trump family are outside Washington DC and under tight security measures. 

The same is true, moreover, regarding the US Supreme Court justices: conservative judges – notably those appointed by President Trump, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh – are under close surveillance by security authorities, as their names were expressly plans of attack by leftist domestic terrorist groups.

In a safe place, outside Washington DC and its usual perimeter, is also the judge appointed by President Trump to replace “Justice” Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Judge Amy Coney Barrett and her family were the target of death threats by “ ANTIFAS ”, expressly included in the plan of violent actions scheduled for this weekend. Even photos of their youngest daughters circulated among these criminal terrorists – qualified by the media and Democrats as «activists».

Amy Coney Barrett and the "women can have it all" trap.
Judge Amy Coney Barrett – an Americanist Judge (future Justice of SCOTUS in the next days) who is under attack by domestic terrorist groups ANTIFA and BLACK LIVES MATTER

Gina Haspel, CIA director, nominated by President Trump (succeeding Mike Pompeo)

– in addition to another remarkable gesture of President Trump’s unmatched resilient  and enormous patriotismo –  the way the US security and intelligence agencies worked in this case highlights the exemplary work of the US Administration in reforming and improving CIA and the FBI.

Gina Haspel (current CIA Director) and Mike Pompeo (Secretary of State and former CIA leader) deserve all the credit for raising US intelligence services to the level of excellence – both analytically, strategically and at the operational level.

Gina Haspel - Wikipedia
Gina Haspel, the current CIA Director (preceeded by the current Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo) is making CIA GREAT AGAIN

Let us retain the fundamental message here: President Trump is in good health, – HIGH ENERGY TRUMP! – energetic and eager to work – and safe from the threats of domestic terrorists from  the vicious groups, linked to the non-democratic Democrat party, «ANTIFAS» and «BLACK LIVES MATTER».

PS – Contrary to what has been propagated by the media, President Trump’s team has been releasing all the relevant information and that may be disclosed.

Obviously, threats against the President’s security by terrorist groups prevent full disclosure of all data- just as President Trump’s return to the White House will not be announced in advance … But it will happen in the coming days.


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